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Sport And Hijab – Compatible Things

With the appearance of Islam, their lives turned upside down by 180 degrees. The only thing that remains unchanged is a sport. How did they manage to find themselves in sport, how did they manage to combine with the new lifestyle? What are they doing now?
We want to talk about three Muslim women who did not only engage in unusual sports but also continue to share a healthy lifestyle, spread knowledge and train children.

“In sports, either you are the first or nothing”
The daughter of a wrestler and forager, winner of many awards – Amina (Diana) Furzyanova, has been fencing since she was three. She didn’t follow a musical career as her mother hoped and planned. The girl grew up and wore hijab; the act of wearing hijab caused a lot of strange and weird glances at her, but as a real champion, she did not care and never give up; In contrary, Amina became candidate master of sport: Champion of Tatarstan and champion of Russian universities.
Amina successfully defended her diploma. In addition to that, she implemented classes with toy rapiers to preschool sections; And even now, being a wife and a mother did not prevent her to teach children and adults fencing and conduct fitness training and yoga sessions in open-air format. She also studied psychology. Deep inside her, she knew that fencing educated not only the body but also the spirit. Indeed, in a pair it is important to withstand emotional stress: not surrender to fear, manipulation of the opponent and not think that you have already won.

“Forces your heart to make 100-139 beats per minute“
Gulchachak Garaeva who was born 23 years ago in Naberezhnye Chelny, fulfilled her mother’s dream and became a ballerina and a professional choreographer. Covered with a hijab, it was painful for her to be part of the ballet team. After all, this is her whole story. 
The girl found a way out. She founded the project “Bodyasamanat”, within its framework, Gulchachak teaches body-ballet. She combined the elements of dance and fitness into the permissible. She looks like a fragile girl, but on the dance floor, she makes your heart rate 100-139 beats per minute.
The young mother of a beautiful daughter, who recently had a bachelor degree in translation, continues to sharpen her soft skills and encourage a healthy lifestyle.

“Every blow to my face is a blow to my mother’s heart”
Zeyna Nassar is only 20 years old, and she is already the German boxing champion and ambassador of the Nike brand. Zeyna is a true fighter and tirelessly insists that everyone should not be afraid of difficulties, obstacles and steadfastly go forward to achieve their own goals.
Boxing girl in hijab, Lebanese by origin – it is a gap of patterns and stereotypes. After all, even the family didn’t immediately accept the hobby of a 12-year-old girl. However, knowing their daughter, they gave up. Zayna always did what she wanted.
Only when stepping into the boxing arena, she realized that it is the place where she belongs, proving to herself and to the whole world that she could! The family supported.
In one of her interviews, the girl commented:
“Understanding that my family is nearby and cheering for me is an incredible feeling. I am very grateful to them for this. I understand that this is not the simplest sight. Mom says that every blow to my face is a blow to her heart. And dad is more realistic: “This is boxing. That’s how it works here”.
These girls are far from the only ones who have achieved success and recognition, becoming an example for everyone, and not only for Muslim women. What lesson can be learned from their life stories? Allah Almighty facilitates a person what he aspires to. And even if the whole world rises to block his path, he will achieve his goal, if that is the will of the Almighty.
Hijab is not an obstacle to practising sports and taking care of one’s physical condition.

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