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Chinese girls told their stories of strength and courage, which helps them practice Islam in conditions of absolute control by the goverment.

Our correspondent Zulfiya Bishanlo, a student from China who is living in a city with a population of 8 million people, managed to meet local Muslim women and ask them some questions about their lives. This is what we have now.
Zulfiya ( hereinafter – Z ): Have you converted to Islam or have you been born in a Muslim family?
Ya Nan ( hereinafter – Y ): Yes, I have been born in a Muslim family.
Z: How do you live in a society where people are non-Muslims?
Y: Of course, here in Anshan, it is hard as we do not have many Muslims over here. Almost everybody is Muslim out there in my hometown of Yinchuan, surely, it is more comfortable there, but in Anshan, I also do not experience any global problems.
Z: Being covered, have you ever had any difficulties, side glances?
Y: (smiles) No, I have no difficulties. Yes, there are glances and dashing aside at first, but at most, people smile at me. Almost all of them think I am a foreigner until I open my mouth.
Z: Is there any Muslim communities in Anshan?
Y: Yes, of course, there is. On WeChat we have a group of people, I have got even three of such chats (smiles), moreover, we have a teacher in a group, who teaches us the Quran.
Z: I heard that in China having any materials related to Islam in your phone is forbidden. Otherwise you will receive a biased attitude from others. Is it true?
Y: It is not, for sure. The country cares about Muslims very much. We can freely communicate even in Arabic, read namaz and learn Quran. (The main aim of China is to remove all terrorists, not Muslims.)
Z: What do you think about Genocide in China?
Y: In fact, Muslims are very appreciated in China. People need to understand that the information given in mass media is not always true. Yes, the country is fighting with terrorists, but no way with Muslims.
Z: Then what about mosques being demolished in Xian and Urumqi?
Y: The situation in Xian and Urumqi is rather tense as local people are quite temperamental and terrorist communities often gather in mosques so this is why government does anything possible to stop these tricks.
Z: Are you planning to make hijra (migration)?
Y: Truly speaking, yes. Now our family is actively earning and saving money in order to move to Malaysia.
Z: Tell us sister, do you experience discomfort by the lack of Muslim clothes as there are practically none of them in China?
Y: Yes, there are no Muslim clothes in Anshan, but where I come from (Ningxia Hui Autonomous Region) there are the tailors who sew us clothings according to the sharia.
(Recall that according to media reports on July 13, 2019, before the final meeting of the UN Human Rights Council session, ambassadors of 22 countries signed a letter condemning China’s policies regarding ethnic minorities in Xinjiang – Uighurs, Kazakhs,Tatars, Kyrgyz and others. Representatives of 37 other countries, including Russia, supported Beijing actions in Xinjiang stating China`s “outstanding achievements in the field of human rights protection” – editor’s note)
Opinions are always twofold; we can only make duaa for our brothers and sisters all around the world.

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