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Digital Temptation: Is Digital Detox a Must During Ramadan?

You pray. Bzzz. 
Read the Qur’an. Bzzz. Bzzz.
You pray Taraweeh. Bzzz. Bzzz. Bzzz. 

The buzz of the phone breaks the silence all the time. Say bye to focus! The sound of alerts are black flies in front of the eyes of the fasting person: you are distracted by them against your will. Then, a smartphone lays comfortably in your hand, stealing minutes of precious time in Ramadan.

Many people send gadgets to the shelf, block accounts, and log out of chats to avoid digital temptation in the month of Allah. Information detox is the choice of a productive Muslim woman during Ramadan. Is this true?

It seems to be true. Full of strength and hope, we are ready to start. We even slap the hand that is reaching for the phone. We are proud of our resilience. We do better in worship.

The first week is coming to an end, we are still holding on. Most of the forces are drained to transfer the body to fasting mode, the reserves of willpower are weakened, and the brain is looking for indulgence. Now my fingers grasp my smartphone. If social networks are banned, then no one has cancelled surfing in search engines! You can always come up with a good reason. It all starts with the search for an interpretation of a verse or a picture with a familiar hadith. You stumble on a sticky blog, wander from link to link… and find that it is half an hour to suhur, taraweeh is not read and the food is not prepared…

It’s hard to pull yourself together if you let yourself relax once. Essentially, you increase time that you spend with the phone in your hands. The reason for this is simple. A regular social media user is not ready for instant rejection. Energy is spent on fasting and urges to commit extra acts of worship. Dismissal of the phone is barely visible at the end of the priority list. The ban on the Internet is being dissolved by the brain. This is the exact reason why a total ban works against us.

Hence, the turn off the phone for a week is risky since the initial determination will gradually fade. What should you do? You must leave the necessary minimum of insurance against the failure.

The question occurs immediately, what can it be? The web is an ocean of temptations and filth that grasp attention. Naturally, during Ramadan believers try to be more scrupulous and distance themselves from anything sinful. Subscriptions and the list of websites are filtered. Yet, ads and offers are not controllable. Someone’s naked Aurat is trying to catch your eye. A post of juicy and delicious food then drives the appetite. You often become a witness to the top-level swearing. What is worse, a stranger can break into your personal account with questionable offers.

How do you guard yourself against the inevitable failure with complete denial? The answer is simple: find a compromise to use the Internet in Ramadan reasonably, productively and in moderation. Protect yourself not from the Internet, but from what is forbidden there. Spend time online at the networks that are. Such as Amanatinfo. Take educational courses, listen to webinars full of new information, and learn something new. After all, with the right intention, any permitted activity becomes worship, and the acquisition of knowledge in Islam has always been encouraged.

Loneliness is another major problem advocates of a complete informational detox face. Many sisters live in places where there is no special atmosphere during Ramadan. Some of them cannot attend mosques and the iftars. The others, do not have a mosque in the city but are surrounded by righteous friends.

In addition, this year, the world-wide pandemic has put all public events in question. Loneliness in Ramadan can be felt even more distinctively. This is why communication with fellow believers online may become particularly important in 2020 to preserve the sense of unity of Muslims in the world.
What if there was an exclusively female platform where you could talk about the good in a warm circle of Muslim sisters? Look at the recipe for iftar, listen to a useful webinar, discuss the verses and hadiths read, talk about the difficulties of fasting and get support with a kind word?

Without men, without unsolicited naked bodies, without the taunts of Islam’s opponents? At the place where are you not lonely because you are surrounded by fellow sisters from all over the world? What if this dream became a reality?

Users of the AMANATINFO platform have already appreciated the rich workshops and courses on the most relevant topics as well as an only women’s forum and articles, written by sisters. More is yet to come.

Just before the beginning of the Holy month, on April 20, there will be a live presentation of a Halal social network for women. Meet Ramadan in the company of Internet sisters and spend it productively, full of knowledge and worship with the help of AMANATINFO.

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