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Platform Launching

On the 24th of August, there was the release of the first version of the 1st international informational platform for Muslim women – AMANATINFO.
The launch of the platform took place in three countries at the same time:
Ukraine (Odessa),
Kazakhstan (Almaty),
Russia, Chechnya (Grozny).
In the presentation, the website was displayed and the plans were discussed.
At the moment, the platform is launched as MVP format which is a minimum viable product.
What does it mean?
It means that we have just shown you a small part of what is coming.
Each of you can contribute to the development of the platform:
  • become a platform user,
  • become a member of our volunteer team,
  • or just give us feedback after using the platform in the comments section.
The contribution will help us make the most valuable platform for all Muslim sisters no matter where they live, and no matter what language they speak.


From now on, you can read articles on the most present-day topics in our online-magazine, where sisters from all over the world share their stories.
You can also give yourself a chance to practice your journalistic skills by applying to the editorial team. 
As mentioned before, our platform is supposed to be international. Thus, at the beginning of September, we have provided the following languages: English, Arabic and Turkish. Our goal is to make this platform available all around the world so more sisters can learn about our project ‘ in sha Allah’. Sisters will be able to read well-translated articles in addition to having a chance to publish their content. 
If anyone of you knows one of the mentioned languages, she can join our team of VT ‘volunteer translators’. 
The Ultimate mission of the platform is to bridge the gap between sisters all around the world so they can share and exchange information freely without any cultural, linguistic or social barriers. Our website will be a show-room to all the current and wanted news.


The second mission of the platform is to evolve the data concerning Muslim info-business.
Nowadays, the main way to obtain such data is from social media, where you can never tell if the publisher of the information is an expert or an amateur standing behind beautiful pictures and quotes from books.
In our Muslim community, we can find many appealing women who are experts in different fields. We believe that by connecting sisters to this intellectual community will be a huge benefit to those who want to learn. By sharing experts’ knowledge through online courses and training, the website will guarantee the quality of the content. 
We’re already in the process of gathering experts who are ready to share marketing and administrative support and also help in setting courses with trends of modern information business.
The next thing that is coming is a big variety of online courses some of which will have admission fees and some will be free, from trusted experts.
We’re planning to develop all kinds of content on our website; So, after a period of time, when the podcasts, video reports, and interviews are ready, the page “Watch and listen” will appear on the platform.
As you have already checked, AMANTINFO has a verification system; And to be crystal clear, men are always blocked: This is our own invention which we are technically trying to develop; So, every sister can create content for the website. She can make sure that her work is amanat and will be accessible only for women.
We’re also going to add a forum where you can discuss actual problems, just by registering on the platform.
The platform can also allow you to create your own account – and this is our first step towards creating social media for Muslim women.
But this is another story. Just bear in mind that social media for Muslim women – is one of the ultimate goals of AMANTINFO, and we’re moving towards it with your help too.
Presentation in Odessa (Ukraine) by the founder of the platform – Asya.
During the presentation, we shared live streaming with other different cities. Despite the long distance, sisters were connected and united (In Almaty presentation was held by chief editor – Elmira Dyusenova, in Grozny – information producer – Selima Tovsultanova).
Sisters from different countries came to show their support in the presentation of the platform in Odessa (left to right: Afghanistan, Azerbaijan, Bashkiria (Russia), Syria, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, Ukraine, Algeria).
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